A birthday fit for a KING!

March 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

This ENTIRE meal was homemade, except for the seaweed sheets—I made the {*DELICIOUS*} seaweed soup and my mom made ALL the side dishes, in which at least SIX of them are from her garden! 😛

I should say that we also had kalbi (Korean short ribs) that my mom made, but there was so many side dishes that we served it for dinner (short ribs for breakfast just doesn’t seem appealing).

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“almost classic” brownies (with espresso, dark chocolate & walnuts…of course!)

August 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

I made brownies with our teenage niece that just visited from Korea.  She really loves brownies and loves cooking, especially baking.  She rummaged through my cooking utensils and gadgets with fascination and excitement.  She especially liked my rolling pin, which I have to say is one of my favorite things in the drawer.  I was quite surprised since in Korea, an oven is not really standard.  These days, the newer places that are being built do come with ovens, apparently, but baking things in the oven is not something that has been incorporated in every day Korean cooking.  I was even more impressed that she seemed to be well-versed in some standard baking techniques, especially since she’s never baked anything before these brownies, much less ever held a hand-mixer!

Again, I used one of Dorie’s trusted recipes from her Baking book.  Her twist on the “classic” is adding espresso powder, of which I’m a huge fan of marrying together—chocolate and coffee.  The only thing I did different was that I used only bittersweet chocolate.  The recipe called for some bittersweet and some unsweetened chocolate, which I did not have on hand (we decided to bake at 11pm!).  Fortunately, the brownies still tasted deliciously decadent, but not too sweet despite the fact that it was probably more than 95% chocolate!  My only critique of these brownies is that they seemed a tiny, tad bit dry…..

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dark chocolate chip cookies (w/ & w/o walnuts!)

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I finally made my favorite cookies after my miserably failed first attempt 5 years ago!  I must say that these were WAY better than last time!  Note to self:  do a little baking research before actual baking!  I got the recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s book, Baking, which she affectionately titled the recipe as:  “MY BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES“.  Although mine did not look as nice as hers in the book, they were pretty tasty and it seems that they were a hit with my fellow work colleagues.

Classic rookie mistake….I over-baked many of the batches (no photos available for these….how convenient!), but I really do think that the quality of the ingredients made up for it.  So when in doubt, use the best possible ingredients you can and it will make a huge difference.

A little tip for making them look good:  be sure to turn the chocolate chips so that they are pointing up or the easy way would be to add 2 chips to the top of each cookie.  You will see the difference by comparing the photos below of the 1st & 2nd batches.  I think it will look nicer with hand-chopped chunks of chocolate, though.  So I already bought blocks of good quality dark chocolate so that I can put in chopped chocolate pieces for my next set of cookies.  Chocolate chips are great to always have on hand for those days you just want to throw some in the dough real quick.

Pictures really do speak a thousand words….enjoy!  (By the way, I inserted both the slide show and the gallery for your convenience.  The gallery at the bottom is labeled with each step and you can click on each photo for a closer view.)

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