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August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m back to updating my blog….FINALLY! I tend to cycle my “obsession of the moment”, but eventually come back to them one by one….

Lately, one of my obsessions has been looking for good music online and contemplating on whether I should purchase any. Instead, I’ve updated my iTunes with the CDs I already have (yes, I STILL like CDs….mp3s are great, but there’s nothing like getting a brand new, shiny “album”) in my collection. Since my previous iBook got stolen (no, not the iBooks w/in the iPad, but the iBook G4, circa 2005) last year, I never updated my iTunes after that. However, unlike last time, I learned to back-up my laptop! 🙂

On that note, I’d like to post a link to some music from Joe Purdy that I’ve been continually listening to…some of you have already received it through e-mail as my “song of the day”, but I just can’t get enough of it—its called, “Take My Blanket and Go“……  (Don’t forget to click on the play button!)

And here’s an ode to my love of all things Paris and my “mon cherie”—and no, that is not the beloved spouse, either…. 😉 This one is called “Paris in the Morning“….


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