Markets, Restaurants and COFFEE

I made some lists of where I go to for groceries and good eats.  There are obviously many good restaurants that I won’t list here, but the ones here are extra special.  And yes, I absolutely go to all those places for my groceries on a regular basis.  I try to be “frugal” with my time and gasoline—I hit different grocery stores on different days on my way home most of the time, while the others are saved for the weekend.

I’m sure I’ll add more restaurants, so check back every once in awhile.


  1. Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland (Pasta Shop, Bakery, Wine Shop)
  2. Farmer’s Market in Jack London Square in Oakland
  3. Funny Farm for literally farm fresh eggs (I pick up 1-2 dozen each week from a family that lovingly takes great care of their chickens.)
  4. Berkeley Bowl
  5. Trader Joe’s in Oakland & Emeryville
  6. Whole Foods in Oakland
  7. Andronico’s in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto
  8. Koreana Plaza in Oakland (not my favorite Korean grocery store, but the best one near our house)

GREAT eateries:

  1. Cheeseboard Pizzeria in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto
  2. La crêpe à moi (see my post here) at East Bay Farmer’s Market
  3. Brown Sugar Kitchen in West Oakland
  4. Beauty’s Bagel Shop in Oakland
  5. Xyclo Restaurant in Oakland on Piedmont Avenue (Poor service, but excellent food—perfect for Take Away)

COFFEE (Yes, this is in a class all its own!):

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee Co – We recently started to go to this place most Sunday mornings before going to La crêpe à moi at the Famer’s Market in Jack London Square.  If you get to go, then you MUST try their New Orleans style iced coffee—it’s pretty incredible—who knew iced coffee could be so interesting?! (mentioned here)
  2. Pizzaiolo – We pay hommage to this place on most Saturday mornings for Blue Bottle Coffee (I hear the restaurant is great, too, but we’ve never eaten there for dinner yet).  We have a favorite Barista there, but have yet to find out his name…
  3. Bittersweet Cafe – I visit this place on some of my Saturday afternoons if I didn’t have my morning cup of coffee yet.  Bittersweet chocolate + coffee = heaven
  4. Highwire Coffee Roasters (also in Rockridge Market Hall) – I recently re-visited this coffee shop and had an iced caffè latte.  I’m not a huge fan of them, but it was a warm day; I skipped breakfast and had a list of errands to run.  Sometimes for me, milk = breakfast, but only with espresso.  A female Barista made me a delicious one and got me hooked on it.

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