In the last several years since I moved to Cali, I have increased my repertoire of cooking different types of food and greatly improved my skills at the same time.  I have secretly grown to love cooking despite my urge to completely disregard anything to do with the kitchen.  I devoured (no pun intended!) almost everything on the food network shows, both for its entertainment and for the cooking techniques and tips that they give.  I also love going to the cooking section of bookstores and combing through recipes and photos.

So, for my fellow food-loving friends…my secret cooking obsessions are posted here….enjoy!

…Hhmm…That was written over 3 years ago!  A little update….seems like bloggers have a philosophy on whatever it is that they’re blogging about….basically, mine hasn’t changed much since my mom is such a great cook and my mother-in-law is just beyond words when it comes to being a cooking expert.  I’m certain that they are much better than some fancy-schmancy (how is that word, which isn’t even a word, spelled incorrectly?!?!) Michelin-starred chef.  Ok, ok, so I’m being totally biased, but REALLY, they are INCREDIBLE home cooks, from different parts of Korea, which gives us a much larger range of food.

Anyway, back to my philosophy on food…well, I just follow the moms…they really do know best when it comes to food.  Cook what is fresh, in season (which means ON SALE in the U.S.!), avoid chemicals (duh–we work in labs–why wouldn’t we?), but most importantly, always cook with your family in mind and add a bit of love to each dish you prepare no matter how small it may seem.  When you do this, each ingredient is thought through very carefully from the source to the way it is treated when cooking and in the end, you’ll end up with something quite spectacular and unexpected—ok, well, there are still a few mess-ups along the way, but you get the idea!


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  • Thank you Ann for following my blog. Great to peek around your recipes and I do say I see some good ones here! I’ll keep checking in to see “What’s cooking”! ….like your theme! 🙂

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